London, England


dance artists international

Our projects educate and support emerging dance artists to fulfil their potential during the transition period from student to professional artist.

Dance ARTISTS International is a nonprofit, project-based, dance organisation registered in England and Wales.

Dance is an art form in which history and tradition are handed down from generation to generation through the bodies and characters of those who went before.  We are a collective of international dance artists that believe in supporting the next generation of dancers and choreographers.  Our projects provide emerging dancers and choreographers with access to high-quality professional dance experiences that will benefit their future careers.


Our mission is to support emerging dance artists worldwide by assisting with their career development – specifically, the transition from student to working professional.


Our aim is to inspire and empower emerging dance artists by providing a platform for them to experience the breadth of knowledge and experience of the international dance artists that participate in our projects.

To succeed, today’s emerging dance artists need to demonstrate an ability to engage a spectrum of dance techniques and choreographic styles. Through Project | CONNECT, we offer dance artists the opportunity to stretch their experience of dance techniques and choreographic styles, build a reputation, gain work experience, network and collaborate with professional colleagues.

Equality and Diversity

Dance ARTISTS International produces projects which are accessible to all.  We encourage applicants from diverse ethnic and political backgrounds.  We believe emerging artists from all backgrounds will benefit from our unique projects.  Our Equality and Diversity Action Plan can be found here.

Dance ARTISTS International was founded by former NDT dance artist and lawyer, Robert Dungey.